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Minutemax is owned by America at a Glance, Inc. We respect your privacy rights as a user of our website services. This privacy policy will explain the types of information we collect, how we store it, and your rights in regards to this information.

By accessing any information on our site or registering for any of your services you agree to this privacy policy and the use of your personal information as stated in this policy. If you do not agree to this privacy policy, please do not use our website or register for any of our services.

Examples of personal information that we may access include your name, email address, physical address, IP address.

Cookies and Tracking

We use cookies and similar methods to analyze trends about how our users interact with our website. This data is used in addition to Google Analytics, an online tool that helps us understand how to better serve our users. This enables us to see what content is more popular, the time of day people are most likely to interact with us in addition to other important variables. This gives us insight into how to make our services more valuable to the end user.

This technology also allows us to retarget our viewers on social media to give them a more personalized experience. You are able to turn off cookie tracking, if you desire, on your individual internet browser.

How we use your information

Personalized experience: We use your information to deliver a more personalized experience while on our website.

Communication: we use your information you provide to reply to you and answer inquiries about our site or services.

Marketing: We use your information to promote our services and products to you.

Remarketing: We may use your data to retarget you with marketing and other information.

Analytics: We use common analytics tools such as Google Analytics to analyze the activity of visitors like you to our website. This data helps us make decisions about how to best serve our users.

How we may share or disclose your information

We use various third party service providers to help us better serve our audience. The data we receive when you visit our website may be shared with these third party providers to better assist in offering our services. This list of providers includes (but may not be limited to): Google, Facebook, and Amazon.

Asset Sale: In the event that some or all of the assets or our company were sold to another entity, we may transfer your personal information to that third party, provided that the third party agrees to adhere to terms similar to those of this Privacy Policy.

Third party marketing: We may provide our advertisers with data about users to our site who interact with their ads. We will not share any information that personally identifies you, such as your name or email address unless we first ask for your consent. We may supply our advertisers with data, in aggregate, that helps them understand what types of audiences are interacting with their ads.

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